Green Cosmetic

Latest trend in organic cosmetics

From the avocado to quinoa, new beauty products are often treated more with a “gastronomic” and scientific tendency, and dietary trends are affecting the beauty and skin care as never before. In the sector of nutrition, superfoods are those foods, particularly fruits, vegetables and seeds with such a concentration of nutrient and anti-oxidants, vitamins, water and so on that constitute the body’s energy and boost health. And pay especially attention to what culinary argan oil can do for you here.

Young women today know that to fight fatigue and stress, they need to take care of their bodies through multitasking health strategies, ranging from taking supplements to the consumption of natural foods, spices, herbs and everything capable of stimulating energy and the immune system.

Ultimately, the beauty world is aware of the power of some foods and ingredients and is incorporating them into beauty products, especially into face detoxification but also into masks, creams and oils. Vitamins, aloe, white and green tea, culinary argan oil, bamboo, cucumber and tomatoes, bananas, turmeric and ginger can be ingredients. Moreover, for thousands of years, plants and spices were used for the health and care of the skin, so putting aloe juice in a soothing mask is a step forward on the same road but with a touch of modernity.

This little step back to what’s natural, raw and healthy will easily grow up in a few years with a more wide spread awareness and a new revamped idea of beauty starting from within and respecting the health of our skin, our body but of our planet too.